Monday, March 8, 2010

LETS TALK: City Wide Community Forum for Local Control

The St. Louis police department has been under state control for more than 140-years.

Pending legislation would abolish the city’s Board of Police Commissioners and turn control of the department over to a locally-appointed police commissioner.

Supporters of the legislation say local control will increase transparency, efficiency and accountability in the police department.

Opponents say passage of the legislation will politicize the police department and give Mayor Slay control of the police pension fund.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association has filed three lawsuits against the pending bills.

Confused? Let’s talk.

On Thursday, March 18th from 6pm to 8pm, in the St. Louis City Hall rotunda, I will moderate a community forum with pro and anti local control advocates.

The city-wide forum is sponsored by Mo State Rep. Jamillah Nasheed

Join me. Come out. Let’s get some answers.