Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tom Burrell Invites You To Take The BRAINWASHED Quiz

by Tom Burrell

Today after months of development, we are proud to launch the “Are You Brainwashed?” quiz. Consider it a viral extension of the challenge I issued in my book to “question, analyze, unplug and reprogram” ourselves from media distortions and racial stereotypes.

For centuries, damaging but brilliantly sophisticated images and messages have become institutionalized in worldwide culture. The perpetrated myths that we are all violent, lazy, buffoonish, sexually irresponsible and inferior have become so persuasive we now perpetrate them in our lyrics, music videos, books, movies, and television programs.

Thankfully, today we can finally fight back. The Internet, You Tube and social sites like Twitter, and Face Book are part of the New Media arsenal at our disposal to help us positively reclaim our image, our destinies and, most important, our minds.

That is the true purpose of this quiz. It’s a means to instigate critical thinking, alert our receptors and build firewalls that decimate dangerous media input.

Please take a few minutes and respond to the images and statements in the quiz. You may be challenged to question some your thoughts, beliefs and long-held perceptions.

I would like to thank all those who helped create the “Are You Brainwashed?” quiz. Finally, thank you for taking the time to participate and joining the campaign to reclaim our minds.