Friday, May 27, 2011

Perhaps we're dreaming too small?

Michael Hancock
Denver mayoral candidate Hancock promotes urban gardens as economic engine

Michael Hancock's "People's Plan" includes a proposal to "'create thousands of new jobs for Denver citizens' by returning to one of the oldest human endeavors on earth: farming."

This article downplays the potential of large scale urban gardens. Some conclusions are valid. However, what's missing in the equation is the alignment of urban grocers, food processing, manufacturing and distribution. If the urban garden movement is connected to an overall urban empowerment agenda, then we'd be talking about innovative, real and substantive improvements.

Remember, Pennsylvania took a $30 million state investment, leveraged it into a $190 million plan that resulted in 83 markets in underserved communities across the state, improved access to healthy food for more than 400,000 people, and more than 5,000 jobs.

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