Monday, April 27, 2009

America ... More Progressive?

From the Center for American Progress:
Ask the Expert: Why America Is Becoming More Progressive

How have American demographic and geographic trends changed in the past 20 years?

Why has the United States become more progressive?

What do these trends say about what we should expect in the next 20 years?

This video interview on the Center for American Progress website features a discussion with Ruy Teixeira, a Senior Fellow at both The Century Foundation and American Progress, as well as a Fellow of the New Politics Institute. Teixeira discusses changing trends in the country and offers insights on the nation's continued "progressive" status during the next two decades.

For more information about Teixeira visit:


Anonymous said...

Sylvester, you are a radical for believing this garbage. People like you and your minions on this website should be VERY VERY afraid of your collective mindset. This is really radical stuff man.

Lusipher said...

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Whitey Lawful said...

That is unfortunate, yet the counterculture successfully dismantled the American system and The West in general; for a socialism that is the societal norm--despite what journalists and other commentators suggest.