Monday, April 13, 2009

Video from April 13 Press Conference


STL Citizen said...

Well done.

So many of us have come realize the quality of your work and firmly support your stance in not returning to the once-proud Post-Dispatch. It is simple to us who know your social stance: we know you are still here in our midst, and we will surely see your work continue. And we will continue to support the quality work you share.

My family and I look forward to your blogged (and otherwise) columns.

Anonymous said...

Your "news conference," only confirms your Race Hustler status and fraudulent employment. The only evidence the Post needs is your nonsense column, race baiting, lying, and hurting decent people and dead police officer's families. Your continuous blab about yourself and self pity was disgusting. There is no sign of the slightest integrity within a mile of you! Perhaps someone at the Post reviewed your application and discovered you have no credentials at all. Take this time to secure your high school diploma, take some college courses, and quit blaming race for your pathetic existance. I called today and renewed my subscription on hearing your fate. Thank God!

Lover of Democracy and the Free Press said...

I will miss your good writing and courageous engagement with issues that matter. I am deeply saddened that our community lacks a local newspaper committed to the issues I care about. How can we replace David Broder with Susan Weich? Where is Eric Mink? And now, where is a consistent voice from the African American perspective? As a white citizen from the Tower Grove South neighborhood, I valued your constant willingness to lead the courageous conversations about race we all need to be having.

Best to your family and you. We live in dangerous times when good people dedicated to the craft of telling the truth are consistently cut out of the salaries needed to sustain local investigative journalism.

Thank you for the work you've done. God bless you and yours.