Thursday, April 16, 2009

"We Learn ..."

Check out this beautifully written piece by local St. Louisan Mindy Carney:

Refusing to shuffle quietly out the door, one local journalist stands tall

"By acknowledging what we truly believe and why, and by hearing from others who believe differently or who experienced a life vastly different from our own, we learn. Our minds open and expand and we find ways to see interest and creativity and beauty in what we once ignored or even feared."

Ditto, Mindy! -- SB


Anonymous said...

Open minded? Then why is it liberals are the ones who are trying to silence criticism of Obama?

Anonymous said...

“The railing and demagoguery flying between the left and the right appears to be an excellent diversion for apolitical megalomaniacs,” said The Brain to Pinky.

Mindy said...

I am curious, Anonymous (and why aren't you willing to sign your name to your thoughts and questions, btw?), where you are seeing these attempts at silencing criticism. I see criticism of Obama debated and often debunked and I see some liberals vigilantly trying to get the FALSE criticism taken out of the conversation, yes. But I, and most other liberals I know, welcome legitimate criticism as a basis for debate and conversation.

We have a really hard time with lies, that's all. But if someone can voice a fact-based complaint or criticism, I truly enjoy discussing it and considering it from every angle. Unfortunately, most of the right-wing rhetoric I hear and read is either based on fallacy and half-truths, or isn't based on anything at all - it is simply name-calling and ranting. That isn't productive to either side - no one learns, no one will be convinced to consider another opinion if everyone is hollering and getting defensive.