Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hitler had Goebbels, the Tea Party has FOX News

Fox News "hops" aboard Tea Party Express with rampant promotions, live coverage

Media Matters for America just released a stunning visual alert that details FOX News' aggressive and one-sided on air and online promotion of the Tea Party movement and the current Tea Party Express.

Consider Glenn Beck's Tea Party at the Alamo live coverage in San Antonio Texas:

Media Matters provides another example with this promo from Fox News' August 27 edition of Hannity, where the host introduces its on-the-scene reporter Griff Jenkins:


And now, starting this weekend, by the way, the Tea Party Express tour kicks off, where Americans from all over the country are going to hit the streets to voice their grievances over government spending and, of course, universal government health care. And our own Griff Jenkins is going to stop every single place, and he's starting this weekend and he's going to be checking in and giving us an update and blogging with the latest video on our Great, Great American Blog, and we'll also be checking in with him in our -- all throughout the next week, so that's coming up.

Check out the April 16 edition of Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susteren:

Van Susteren says Palin's "RELOAD!" comment was "a very Alaska-type term"

This prostitution of journalism speaks to the fear I addressed in my blog yesterday. In my mind FOX News' role is no different than that of Hitler's chief propagandist, Paul Joseph Goebbels the chief architect of Nazi Germany's propaganda-fueled attack on German Jews that culminated in the travesty of the Holocaust.

When the mainstream media marginalizes, diminishes, justifies or presents a mass movement of race-based hatred as the extreme actions of a fringe group we risk turning America's clock back to a dangerous and ignorant era that only benefited a privileged few.

Check Media Matters report and judge for yourself:

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The Bubba said...

Hitler had Goebbels, tea-party has RUPERT MURDOCH.......much more powerful.