Monday, June 6, 2011

"Reduce Recidivism and Eliminate Barriers to Employment” A plan with promise

Otis Rolley Details Plans to Increase Employment and Reduce Crime by Targeting Recidivism
I don't know anything about Baltimore mayoral candidate, Otis Rolley, but I like his plan to increase employment and reduce crime by targeting recidivism. Rolley wants to create a tax credit for companies that hire ex-offenders or support organizations that do. Although the focus on major companies instead of building and/or supporting small community-based businesses that offer ex-offender support, I like where he's heading and feel there's the possibility of implementation in the St. Louis region. Like Otis points out, instead of spending $26,000 to "incarcerate an inmate annually," redirect that money toward more positive outcomes. -- SBJ

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